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Welcome to Yummy Mummy Yoga, the best yoga classes in Radstock, Bath, Bristol, Keynsham, Somerset and the South West for yoga, pregnancy yoga and post-natal yoga. We also offer yoga nidra downloads and courses, reflexology and hypnobirthing courses to support you in every stage of your pregnancy, from conception to birth and beyond.

Of course, you don’t have to be pregnant to benefit from yoga or reflexology - or even a woman! We have treatments, courses and classes for anyone who would like to gain a little inner peace and relaxation and improve their health.

New Hypnobirthing course starting on 25th May 2017

New Mum and baby yoga course starting 25th May 2017

CPR and First Aid Course with AED use and oxygen administration on the 6th May 2017

Yoga and Sound Healing Retreat Day - 1st July 2017

best in the west for pregnancy & post-natal yoga
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