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Welcome to the wonderful world of yoga nidra, with yoga nidra downloads, classes and workshops in Bath.
Yoga nidra - ‘yoga sleep’ - is a profound state of relaxation where one is in a state of conscious sleep. Practiced while lying down, you listen to a recording or to a teacher during a class or workshop that takes you on a journey through your body via awareness of your breathing, polar opposites and a guided visualisation through nature images, colours and senses. During yoga nidra your mind becomes exceptionally receptive and it’s easier to let go of old thoughts and habits and bring about deep physical, mental and spiritual relaxation.
Having witnessed the power of yoga nidra firsthand, it’s now an integral part of Emma’s yoga teaching and her MP3s have helped many people gain rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. 
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1st July 2017
Experience the power of yoga nidra live with Emma! 
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yoga nidra
€4. 99
30 minutes, MP3

€4. 99
30 minutes, MP3

30 minutes, MP3

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Our yoga nidra recordings come as high-quality MP3 files that are perfect for your Apple iPod/iPad, MP3 player, computer or mobile phone.
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Yoga nidra is suitable for all ages, can be practiced as often as you like (daily is best) and is an incredible exercise to bring about a deep and profound state of relaxation. For details on using this recording, see the panel on the right.

This recording is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and is a powerful way of relaxing and resting when it is otherwise difficult to do so. Tailored specifically for pregnancy, it helps you connect with your baby in a state of deep peace. For details on using this recording, see the panel on the right.

This recording has been developed in response to students’ wishes for yoga nidra that kept them in a deep state of relaxation or sleep. In an ordinary yoga nidra you are encouraged to stay awake; if you fall asleep you are gently awoken. In Yoga Nidra for Sleep you are taken into a deeply relaxed state and kept there for the duration of the 30 minute session.

Deepening techniques are used to further enhance the effects and help lull you deeper into sleep. Half an hour of yoga nidra is said to equal three hours sleep! For details on using this recording, see the panel on the right.

“By the end of my pregnancy I had the recording repeating all night on my iPod. our class joked that at night we were all sleeping with Emma!”
- Elaine P.

“It was quite a long labour but I used so much of my yoga breathing that it made me feel in total control at each stage.”
- Libby C.

This recording guides you through breathing practices beneficial to your  pregnancy, labour and birth.

Abdominal breathing, the three-part yogic breath, the circle breath, the golden thread breath, ujjayi breath and other practices are covered to help you become more relaxed during pregnancy and more confident in the power of your body and breath when going into labour.

breathing for pregnancy MP3
yoga nidra MP3
yoga nidra for sleep MP3
yoga nidra for pregnancy MP3
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